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Monthly Archives: October 2008

To Do List:

Here’s some things I should cover ASAP

Why I hate blogs (hold on, hold on; let me explain…)

Windows XP SP3 recovery issues – specifically how to access system restore when the system appears to be unbootable

How to use a Linux LiveCD to save your bacon in a variety of basic disaster situations (such as right after you’ve applied SP3)

Hard drive recovery tricks

Imaging, drive copying, backup, etc. (dd and partimage)

Virtually perfect ad-blocking using DNS spoofing, via your computer’s own hosts file (this one is amazing – and will kill the entire Internet if everyone uses it. But if you truly hate ads, I’ve yet to find a better ad-blocking technique)

How to build a flash drive application suite that can do anything.

Good tech news websites (arstechnica, wired, the register, tom’s hardware, anandtech, pcworld, technologyreview, etc.)

How to setup independent instances of firefox (for testing out new builds; running 2 and 3 in tandem, etc.)

Various security/utility apps I’ve found sequestered in random places. Some of these are really spectacular, and ridiculously hard to find.

My web security arsenal: Comodo, ZoneAlarm, DropMyRights, Avast,, realalternative and quicktimealternative, etc.

Why I just jumped on the RSS bandwagon

Google Notebook – a highly useful and largely unknown little app

Are the digital media making us more connected, or less so?


Transition blog to a forum for discussion/promotion of responsible, community-minded digital lifestyle (a critical element of that being, of course, sharing technical knowledge, experience, etc. )