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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Mac OS X: How to toggle among multiple open windows of a single application

Since it took considerably more effort than I expected to find this information via scroogling, I figured I’d record it here for posterity.

As someone who is fairly new to the Mac OS GUI, I was flummoxed and peeved by the fact that <Alt><Tab> cycles only through each of the open applications on any given system – not the individual windows of each of those applications (the window you get when you toggle from application X to Y is always the one you were working on last within application Y).  Apparently, move among windows within application Y, one must instead use <Alt><~> (Yes, that’s a tilda).

Many thanks to Apple for unnecessarily tweaking yet another nearly-universal standard for the purpose of “enhancing user experience”


Manual malware removal, update 3: .exe registry association hack

As a general rule, when one is looking for the presence of viruses and their scurrilous cousins on a given computer one of the first places one looks is in the list of programs that are supposed to be run when the operating system first starts.  After all, how is an evil executable going to launch itself unless it somehow hooks itself into the OS startup routine?  YOU certainly aren’t going to willingly open a malicious program (unless you’re me, and you’re trying to infect machines with malware for demonstration purposes.  Long story.)

But suppose that instead of hooking itself into the Startup section of the registry, a particularly clever species of malware instead hooked itself into the executable for another, perfectly valid executable on they system.  Better yet, suppose that this fiend hooked itself in the generic execution routine for every single .exe file on a given system.

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