Practical computer tips, with a smattering of digital philosophy

About this blog

The first question that I imagine will come to the mind anyone who stumbles upon this blog (eg, you) is what the heck “technosophy” is supposed to mean.  Addressing that question seems to me to be as appropriate an introduction as any to this blog, since you’ll probably otherwise feel inclined to huff off muttering about lunatic bloggers who make up pretentious and meaningless words.  Here’s my reasoning:

Techno: from Gk. tekhno-, combining form of tekhne “art, skill, craft, method, system,” probably from PIE base *tek- “shape, make” (cf. Skt. taksan “carpenter,” L. textere “to weave.”

Sophy: suffix meaning “knowledge,” from O.Fr. -sophie, from L. -sophia, from Gk. -sophia, from sophia “skill, wisdom, knowledge.”

Online Etymology Dictionary

Technosophy: The act of engaging with an art, craft, method, or system with wisdom and knowledge.


Technosophy, in short, is what we are all in the process of (learning? following? creating?) as we collectively venture further into the digital universe.  This blog is intended to chronicle my own discoveries along the trip.   To the technically inclined, don’t worry; despite what it might seem from this linguistically outrageous and moderately grandiose introduction, many of my posts are practical, hands-on computer tips, which I’ve picked up during my 8+ years as a tech support guy.  Yet the more socially-oriented types have nothing to fear either, for scattered among this technical gibberish you’ll find a variety of more conceptual pieces – brief essays in which I try to tease out how technology is affecting us as we continue to integrate it into our daily lives.

I gladly welcome any additions or suggestions you would care to offer.


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