Practical computer tips, with a smattering of digital philosophy

About me

My name is Jordan, I’m approximately 23, I live somewhere in California (multiple somewheres, actually), and I am fascinated by all things digital. That’s not to say I love everything that beeps and flashes and computes. On the contrary, I’m extremely leery of many technological developments, including the exploding popularity of social networking, instant messaging, smart phones, IPods, and blogging – especially blogging. What I do love, however, is thinking about these technologies, where they might be taking us, and how what we do with them may shape how we perceive and engage with ourselves, our societies, and the world as a whole.
I also happen to be an 8+ year IT support veteran – a geek, if you will (though I do not presume to assign myself that honorarium; I admit that many of my friends have identified me as such, but I leave it to your judgment to determine whether or not I have actually earned the compliment). Consequently, and for reasons which I’ve alluded to above and will elaborate on later, many of the posts on this blog have been devoted simply to sharing technical information: how-tos, solutions to common pitfalls, and suggestions on how to avoid them, tips and tricks, and little tidbits of arcane knowledge I pick up in random places by dint of being a tech-support guy.

So why did I create this blog? In short, out of guilt. Having benefited on a more-than-daily basis from the vast store of technical knowledge on the Internet – knowledge that has helped me tinker and hack my way through countless computer problems, and gain a much better understanding of and appreciation for the devices I use every day – I felt thoroughly detestable for not having done anything to give back to the community. Here, finally, is my first concerted attempt to return the favor. I hope it proves as helpful to you (whoever you are) as so many other Internet resources, penned by random people, have been for me.

If you would care to suggest a topic I might cover, or just want to get in touch with me, send an email to technosopher {at} google’s public email service.


2 responses to “About me

  1. David Brown December 29, 2010 at 9:35 am

    hi i just found your web site looking for a cure to the fake anti virus scam

    my sons computer is totally locked up , devices in control panel will not open

    can you point me to one of your files that may help

    something needs to be done about these people doing these scams I can only guess how many people are wasting holiday web surfing time searching for a cure or fix

  2. Rainbow September 8, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    You’re not 23 anymore! And you don’t live in California anymore! Updates, we demand updates!

    Also, I like that you made this blog out of guilt. I know what you mean… I benefit from internet updates (even something like yelp ratings) all the time but feel nothing aside from guilt compelling me to give back. Ah, if only I valued my opinion as much as theirs 🙂 … But this is much more than the average help website or yelp rating. Keep up the good work!

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